IESE Cities in Motion Strategies is a research platform that was launched by the IESE Business School Center for Globalization and Strategy and the IESE Department of Strategy. The initiative connects a worldwide network of city experts and specialized private companies with local administrations all over the world, with the goal of developing valuable ideas and innovative tools that can generate smarter cities and promote change at the local level. The mission of the platform is to promote the Cities in Motion Model, that includes an innovative approach to city management, and a new urban model for the 21st century, based on 4 main drivers: sustainable ecosystems, innovative activities, equitability among citizens and connected territory.

This website presents the third edition of our Cities in Motion Index (CIMI), which seeks to evaluate cities as they relate to what we consider 10 key dimensions: Governance, Urban Planning, Public Management, Technology, Environment, International Outreach, Social Cohesion, Mobility and Transport, Human Capital and Economy. Besides an increased geographical coverage and greater number of indicators, we present with the 2016 edition for the first time an interactive analysis, which allows to compare cities dynamically from a geographic and temporal perspective.

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